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Dominican Women Videos

Visiting Dominican Republic anytime soon? But still would like to see more Dominican Women? Where she lives. How she lives. Meet her Family & Friends. See her in everyday Life. Get to know her neighborhood. Check out our Dominican women video clips.

Did you know that we spend one day with the Dominican Woman of your choice, and take at least 50 pictures of her, and up to 10 Minutes of Digital Video. We then set you up with a page on our monthly newsletter that only the Latin women and Dominican Women will see.


Here is how it works.

You send us a List, or maybe just one Name, of Dominican Ladies you like to see more of.

We call her and ask her Permission and will notify you of the answer.

After you paid for the Service we immediately set up your page on our monthly newsletter and place all the Dominican women pictures we have of her on that Page, including the "Members only" Pictures if available.

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